~Regulations for the Use of the Library~

1. Food, drinks and any action resulting in the disturbance of others is forbidden.

2. Students should not bring their bags into the library.

3. Students should have their books and belongings checked by the library personnel before they leave the library.

4. Students should obey library staff at all times.

5. Students can loan a maximum of fives books at a time over a period of two weeks.

6. Students can apply for an extended loan for two weeks if the book is not reserved.

7. Return the book on or before the due day. A fine of 50 cents per day will be imposed (holiday excluded).

8. Students should handle the book with care. If the book is lost or damaged, students should buy a replacement or pay to the school such sum of money as the librarian considers necessary to replace such library material. In addition, students may be required to pay a surcharge amounting to 20 per cent of such sum.

9. Otherwise, students will be held responsible for any library material borrowed under the card

10. $15 shall be payable on every issue of replacement library card.

11. Students should return the student ID card to the school if they cease to be a student of our school.


For details, please refer to the school rules in the Student Handbook

*Student library card ID = Student ID